31st May 2017 | General News

SA Head Office Deserted

Solicitor Assist head office deserted this morning as staff are locked in the escape rooms at Breakout, Chester.

Solicitor Assist have recently seen a steady incline in the volume and variety of instructions received and have therefore taken on two lovely new members of staff. As the team expands, Solicitor Assist recognise the vital importance of teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. All essential on a day to day basis, completing instructions and solving problems for agents, solicitors and clients alike.

Yesterday evening, the head office team headed Chester’s Breakout Escape Rooms and split into 2, competing head to head and against the clock. They were taken back in time, and locked into 2 separate crime scenes and given 60 minutes to work their way through numerous clues, puzzles, riddles and rooms to escape.

Neither teams escaped, but they have claimed it a practice run and will be returning! Besides being a barrel of laughs and an excuse for a beer or two afterwards, these types of exercises are a reminder of the importance and efficiency of teamwork and that sometimes, someone else will have the answer.