13th July 2017 | Company

Statement Taking – Convenience is Key

In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that people seem to be busier than ever. In the past, everyday consumers thought about cost and quality when forking out for a product or service. Today, however, a factor which is becoming increasingly important is convenience.

Solicitor Assist has taken statements from clients for as long as we can remember, but some time ago, the steady increase in ‘time-poverty’ really got us thinking… Statement taking in a Monday-Friday, 9-5 role, would soon become increasingly challenging for fee earners. How could our statement taking service help to tackle this?

We started with the basics. How could we make our statement taking service even better?

Firstly, we tightened our team up. We focused on a core of our agents, with further training and coaching through feedback on each individual statement from the quality control department. We only added one agent at a time to the team to give them our full attention. Each one of our statement takers has a personal relationship with the head office team, and we pride ourselves on treating our professional network of agents fairly.

Now, what about convenience?

You or your client can choose whether the statement taking appointment is via telephone or face to face at your client’s chosen location. Furthermore, statements can be taken during working hours or on evenings/weekends. We ensure that your client’s statement taker is local to the area, which we believe helps to fast build a strong rapport between our agent (the face of your company) and the client. We also have several tried and tested procedures to ensure your client knows who we are, and feels confident and comfortable working with us.

What will you get from your statement?
  • Each statement can be tailored to the instructing solicitor. If you prefer, we can use a template and include sub-headings of your choice.
  • Every single statement passes through our quality control department before returning to you to ensure it is succinct, sensibly structured, chronologically ordered and correctly formatted.
  • A corresponding credibility report
What types of statements do our agents excel in?
  • Road traffic accident
  • Public liability
  • Employer liability
  • Noise induced hearing loss (taken by a specialised, trained set of agents within the statement taking team)
  • Holiday sickness
  • Harassment
  • Mitigating circumstance
  • Witness care and assistance

If you’re considering outsourcing statements,

we’d be happy to go through our processes and policies with you.

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