Statement Taking

Outsource to the experts

Solicitor Assist has a wealth of experience in taking a wide range of client and witness statements, ensuring complete quality, professionalism and exceptional knowledge.

We work closely with the client/witness, obtaining a good understanding of an incident and an accurate record of events, recording all relevant points on liability and/or quantum. We offer our statement taking appointments via a telephone call or home visit. In addition, we are also available to take your client’s statement on evenings and weekends, giving your client as much flexibility as possible.

Before returning to you, each of our statements go through our quality control team, ensuring it meets Solicitor Assist standards. All returned statements will be consistently formatted according to your requirements, in-depth, chronologically ordered and sensibly structured with a corresponding credibility report.

Our experience ranges from the following:

  • Road traffic accident
  • Public liability
  • Employer liability
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Holiday sickness
  • Harassment
  • Mitigating circumstance
  • Witness care and assistance
My returned NIHL statement was excellent, the turnaround time was fast and it was extremely detailed.

- Nationwide firm of Solicitors