CFA Sign Ups

Caring for your clients

Legal documentation posted or emailed to clients for completion, can often appear complicated and confusing; frequently resulting in the client not bothering to return the documentation or even taking their claim elsewhere. By using Solicitor Assist that risk is vastly reduced.

The services we provide are extremely beneficial to the claimants, making the process of making a claim very easy. We take the necessary time to personally go through documentation with your client and obtain any other relevant information needed. Our services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the instructing solicitor. Whilst with your client, we can also take a full statement for a discounted rate.

Instructing solicitors can be confident that each home visit will verify their client’s identity and home address. Thus, greatly reducing the risk of handling fraudulent claims which is increasingly important in an industry continually under scrutiny.

All instructions will run through our quality control department to ensure the paperwork is signed correctly, and all additional required documents are present.

We’ve reached conversion rates of 100% for companies sending less than 500 cases per month and 97% for a company sending 2,500 instructions per month.