8th August 2017 | Company

The Power of a Nationwide Network

Whether you are a regional or national firm, how can you harness the power of a nationwide network?

For clients, when deciding on a law firm to take their case to, the decision process is likely to be influenced by the perception of a recognised national law firm being a safe choice. Many of those national law firms, will have clients spread across the nation and staff in centralised offices, often in city centres. It is, therefore, an inevitable challenge to treat geographically differing clients the same.

Is it possible for national law firms to have a local presence across the UK?

Yes. Solicitor Assist harnesses the power of its nationwide network, to provide national companies with the opportunity to offer their clients home visits, reaching out to their client locally, and investing in their relationship. The objective of a home visit differs from firm to firm, and we encourage you to talk us through your customer satisfaction statistics so we can work together to ensure your clients get the most out of their home visits.

On the flip side, can local law firms expand their services nationally?

Today, strategic digital marketing provides local companies with the opportunity to present themselves to potential clients in areas that they otherwise would not have. Solicitor Assist is a vital part of this jigsaw, often bridging the gap between the solicitor and the client. A brilliant example of this is a regional firm utilising Solicitor Assist’s nationwide network to gather vital information and photographic evidence for their housing disrepair claims.

What makes our network different?

We’re not too big, but not too small.

We’re conscious of the size of our network and passionately believe in the fair treatment of our agents, always striving for quality over quantity.¬†We’re big enough to have a national coverage but small enough to ensure the complete quality and professionalism on every single instruction.

The light bulb moment…

We offer a completely transparent, cost-effective and scalable solution to hundreds of operational headaches. If you’ve just had your light bulb moment, contact us today, and we’ll set up a chat.

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