12th April 2017 | Company

The Art of Conversation

For many claimants, the unknown territory of the legal landscape is a whirlwind of complicated words and processes. Is it any wonder that emailed or posted documents and questionnaires don’t get returned?

Client communication can be split into two categories, virtual and physical. Virtual communications can be anything from a text or email, to update messages logged on an online portal. Physical communication is person to person conversation, face to face or over the phone, which takes additional time and effort but results in a more meaningful experience for the client.

Many thought-leading legal firms are outsourcing their legal admin work to Solicitor Assist to free up their fee earners’ valuable time and to give their clients a more meaningful experience. They want to ensure that their clients seek comfort in the timeless element of person to person communication, whether that be by a telephone or face to face appointment.

Not only does outsourcing result in a better experience for the client, but it is often much more sustainable for the instructing company. This model enables firms to save time, and increase efficiency. It also offers a solution to better manage seasonal fluctuation without hiring and firing. For example, one of our nationwide partners has seen a dramatic increase in holiday sickness claims since the Easter period, and Solicitor Assist have been on-hand to effectively and efficiently sign clients up, and take detailed witness statements on their behalf.

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