20th June 2017 | General News

Your Client Sign Up Funnel

Today, in a high tech and fast paced society, many companies are using e-docs to sign their clients up. In many cases, e-docs can certainly be a low cost and efficient solution, however it is dangerous to use in isolation and best utilised as part of a tool belt.

If e-docs is the only method a company uses to sign up their clients, it is of course expected that several clients will be lost and the client funnel narrowed due to clients not returning e-docs. There may be numerous reasons for this such as the client’s confidence with technology, their access to technology, confusion, or simply because they keep forgetting.

Solicitors should look to their client journey as a funnel to identify points they are losing clients to competitors and asses what can be added to their tool belt to increase client satisfaction and help retain these clients. One tool which could be added, and a strategy which proves popular amongst many leading legal firms, is to integrate a client home visit instruction to their processes on the third day of no e-doc response.

Establishing an appropriate process for a segment of a client base who do not respond to e-docs should improve any client funnel. Not only does it encourage communication with clients to mitigate losing them through loss of contact, but it will also give clients a seamless journey and ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their solicitor.

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